Beeston Rylands Community

the website for Rylands people

Food and Drink

Local pubs include:

  • Boat & Horses
  • Jolly Anglers
  • Riverside Bar (Beeston Marina)
  • Victoria Hotel


Eat out at:

  • Rockaway Hotel & Restaurant
  • Top Tastes (Caribbean food)



  • Happy Phoenix (Chinese takeaway)
  • Wing Xing (Chinese takeaway)


Do you know of more places to eat and drink in Beeston Rylands? Do you own or run one of these outlets, and would like to add more details? Please Contact Us if you do!



2 thoughts on “Food and Drink

  1. Amores on the edge of Rylands?

  2. I’m using the Police map to figure out what is/isn’t in Rylands, so it is just outside. Like pubs I was thinking about “also in Beeston…” problem is, is it right for a Rylands site to say “we’ve got this, but if you go another mile, there are these other goodies nearby!” Probably worrying too much ….
    There’s also a Deli somewhere close to Plessey.

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