Beeston Rylands Community

the website for Rylands people

Next Steps


Things we need to decide:

  1. Name for site
  2. Address for site
  3. Layout/Theme


Then start adding in the content slowly, and checking it.

Reply to this post with your suggestions for any of the above!


7 thoughts on “Next Steps

  1. For example, it looks like we can call the website (the big name at the top of each page) whatever we like (‘Beeston Rylands Website’ as here). That doesn’t need to match the web address of the site. So we could have them different. Bramcote Today have the same name in both places. Is that best? To have a “proper” web address costs about $19/year … if we wanted this who would pay?

  2. Would an area on ‘Local History’ be nice to include?

  3. I have sent you an email reply.

  4. I think a ‘weather widget’ showing weather-data from and/or would be worth having?

    A link to Nottinghamshire Police,showing their latest news and events.

    Local traffic reports could also be worthwhile?

  5. I’ve now got a link under police numbers to the Rylands area of Notts Police website. I’ll look at the weather thing … quite a few of those extensions only work if you are hosting wordpress yourself, rather than getting it from You lose out on flexibility, but gain on having no issues with backups, and so on.

  6. hello there, there are various websites in the rylands which could have a link on here such as beeston marina, rylands methodist church, nottingham casuals and attenborough nature reserve to name a couple , also facebook has a large group called beeston rylands remembered

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